An Entrance

The world was quiet.  The heavy rain had fallen, washing out all the trees and houses that once, long ago, created stability in people’s lives.  The war had just ended and people were pensively waiting for the fallout to come rushing into  their town. Ransacked lands and torn apart sheep were all symbolized by the swaddling babies, left in their scraps of clothing, outside alone on certain empty doorsteps.

Among these remnants, a girl was wandering in the forest nearby, lost for she knew not what. She came upon a necklace in the middle of the woods. Curious, she held it up and saw the crystals shining and reflecting in the light. Seeing the beauty in its simply designed yet intricate chain, she situated it in various positions underneath the sunlight. It seemed odd that, no matter how she directed it, the dual crystals always reflected the sunlight slightly blue, as the water which stretched outside the countries borders.

Continuing to wander with the necklace, she sensed running water. She followed the sound until she came upon a rushing stream, its tail disappearing into a cave five meters down from where she stood. She looked at the necklace again. This time, the pearls, as oval as the water-worn rocks, seemed to shine as bright as the liquid crests licking her feet. While standing mesmerized by the forever-blue reflecting crystals and the luminescent oval pearls, the stream’s strong arm caught her foot, and in one fell swoop, pulled her from the safe shore into the treacherous  waters below.

Silver-Leaf Filagree with Pearl OvalsSwirling, she traveled down the stream heading towards the mouth of the dark cave. Fearful, she clutched the necklace harder. Worried she may loose it, she put it on. All of a sudden, a silver leaf formed at the pinnacle of the necklace. The mouth of the cave started to shine with a bright light, more luminescent than any other light she had ever seen.

As she entered into the sparkling mouth, she could not see the green forest behind her or the dark cave in front of her. She only saw a calm stream that seemed to lead somewhere special.